The FairSpeak Group under MSC, Copenhagen Business School, is a cross-departmental and -institutional forum of researchers interested in humans’ decoding of complex messages as conveyed by combinations of words, texts, images, symbols, sensory impressions, etc. The emphasis is on (also) seeing these processes in real time, i.e. as they happen. A central theme is how fair communication can be supported and potential misleadingness prevented, including possible criteria for assessing this.  


The approach is cross-disciplinary in the intersection between multimodal and cross-media communication, perception, language and cognition, identity building, and application-oriented ­areas such as food­ communication, marketing, market law, sustainable tourism development and, most recently, support for greener eating habits.

On 17 April 2024, FairSpeak hosted a debate at Copenhagen Business School at Green Business Forum.

We all know that we need to eat greener, but what should the food of the future be called? We got a good discussion out of this in collaboration with Salling Group, Everland, NATURLI' Foods, Perfect Season, the Danish Language Council, the Consumer Council Think and Think Tank Frej.

Click here for more info and for full presentation slides.

  • Establishes a common ground for dealing with potentially misleading business-to-consumer communication

  • Highlights a number of current and future challenges to communicative fairness in physical stores and in e-commerce

  • Explores ways of meeting such challenges while aligning the interest of companies, consumers, and society at large.

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Current book release

Grocery shopping with your stone age brain 

Shopping with the Stone Age brain - Danish brain researcher and radio- and TV-host Peter Lund Madsen discusses how the brain (mis)interprets product packaging.

Creating green impact from 1st semester

100 CBS HA(MAK) students name and frame “really new” plant-based food products in a Live Case with The Plant Butchers (Planteslagterne). Click here for mere info.

The 11 dogmas

FairSpeak and The Danish Consumer Council (Tænk) have developed 11 dogmas for fair consumer communication through packaging design. Read the further elaboration of the 11 dogmas here.

  1. Legal does not necessarily mean fair
  2. Prioritize the product name in the overall packaging design
  3. Be careful with comparisons
  4. Remember the ‘ifs and buts’ of claims
  5. Highlighted info should be relevant
  6. Facts og sales talk must align
  7. Ensure that there’s a real meaning behind signpost labels
  8. Backside information should be more than a duty
  9. Present imitations as imitations
  10. Don’t dress up with borrowed feathers
  11. Test consumer expectations, not just willingness to buy